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  • "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all
    that you need, you will abound in every good work."
    2 Corinthians 9:8

A little while ago we told you guys about some changes coming to TTF.  Come to find out making changes takes a little time, ha.  We have been making changes here and there when we have had time and resources to make them.   One big change we have made and stuck to is our schedule.  It has been such a blessing to us, both at home and for the business.  Thank you all for being so understanding with our new schedule!

Other little changes have been made and are going to be made over the course of the year, but some big things coming soon…

2015 SENIORS!!!  We are in the process of two big things that will be awesome for you!

1. We are in the process of setting up a scholarship for TTF’s 2015 seniors.   We don’t have all the details worked out yet, but we are working on getting the official scholarship status figured out and getting our requirements on how to apply, etc.  Keep you eye open for the details!!!

2.  Also in the works is having professional hair and makeup artists come to the studio as an option for senior girls.   More details to come on that soon!


Be on the lookout for all the details coming soon!!!

When Karrigan contacted us about doing something different for her senior portraits, we were so excited to work with her!   We were not prepared for how much thought and effort she put into making her vision come alive.  It was awesome!  With the help of family and friends and the fabulous Bridgett Brown of Judge’s Creations, she had every detail planned out.   One of my favorite shoots, ever.   Thank you for choosing us to be a part of this, Karrigan!Blog-Collage-1395936233712Blog Collage-1395936508636Blog Collage-1395936792499Blog Collage-1395937002290Blog Collage-1395937071570Blog Collage-1395937486894Blog Collage-1395937566282Blog Collage-1395937652579Blog Collage-1395937853601

(If you see any weird, black dots on the photos, I’m just blacking out faces of the staff or baby parts)  :)

I so wish I could share every shot from yesterday.  I also wish I could exclusively shoot arrival days.  They are amazing…even when it isn’t the arrival of your own nephew.  The story of these days are just so sweet…and sometimes very entertaining.  :)






So glad our parents were there… Melanie and Leslie, aka Mellow and Lessie.  :D



Nerves were beginning to kick in.  How do you fight nerves?  Wash your hands 87 times.




Daddy…he gets nervous, too.



I can’t really remember exactly what she was laughing about, but I do recall she was secretly wishing and praying Cohen would be a redhead.



As soon as we heard Cohen’s first cry from the surgery area, we looked the opposite direction down the hall and saw big brother making his entrance.



Trying to get Grayer to look at his new brother.  :)  One of my favorites…



I think this might have been the moment Juliette heard the weight…  9 lbs 3 oz.



His neck roll makes me the happiest…



FINALLY..he gets to see his Momma!



It is hard work…



My brother in law snapped one of me and Cohen…not too bad Cody!



After discussing watching sections…I told them you can youtube them.  They did.  I think they regretted watching it, ha.


SO since I was in such a hurry to blog…so that I wouldn’t forget the significance of the day…I only went through  the pics super quick…there are MANY more that I haven’t touched …so get excited Hudson and Lee families :D.

Blog-Collage-1392051626005Y’all….this wedding…I mean I know …TTF is getting old…we are getting all sentimental and stuff…but not about regular old love…like i rarely cry at an average wedding…where the beautiful young couple is adoringly and madly in love…because as beautiful is this “natural” love is…come on…I am married…I know a lot of the hoopla …the drama…it fades out in about a year right?….but when a couple comes together madly in LOVE with JESUS….hello…and the service starts out glorifying HIM…oh my…and I realize that We- followers of Christ….are united with this Passion for someone and something (the Call) much bigger and greater than the love that any two people can possess for each other…and Our mission in life is not just to live but to thrive in Christ and to SHINE for HIM and to LIVE AND DIE…for HIM…y’all I just can’t take it….I was overcome with joy and emotion from the beginning to the end. The sadness and sin of this world has been overcoming what I have been seeing and hearing lately. So very …Thankful for the union of these two “soldiers” who are untied to fight for the only true reason to live.