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  • "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all
    that you need, you will abound in every good work."
    2 Corinthians 9:8

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Here is what you missed…


If you are a current junior or know a current junior, we urge you to go read our blog. We are seeking applicants for a fabulous, new program we are trying to get launched this year.  We are so excited about it, but we really need your help getting the word out about it!



This is not art!  A sad fact is most people never print their digital files.  I still haven’t printed mine from my own family session more than four months ago, and it isn’t because I don’t love them…because I do!  TTF is making the switch from online galleries to in person viewing and ordering sessions.  We will be equipped to help show you what your session images will look like on YOUR actual walls.  These changes will be taking place over the course of the year.  We are super excited about being able to help you make the best decisions on how to DISPLAY your ART, not store it in your desk drawer or on facebook.



Abel wants to know if you are as sick of this cold weather as he is?  TTF certainly is!  Spring Minis will be Saturday, April 18th. Our original plans had to to be changed due to this weather, so location and setup is still in the works, but the date is secure. We do know they will be outdoors unless the weather doesn’t permit that.  If you want to sign up for minis you can do that by emailing us at twicethefocus@hotmail.com
Mini details:
$50 for 10 minutes, no outfit changes, your choice of one digital file OR the equivalent $40 print credit. Since we are making the switch to in person viewing and ordering, you must complete an in studio viewing and ordering session to receive your choice of a free file or print credit.  You are not required to order more than your choice of the above.  If you are one of our clients that lives more than an hour away, we can make other arrangements.



BEACH information is coming in the next newsletter, next week. We have been verifying some things that effect when we will be going this year, and we are trying desperately to get that nailed down THIS week.  Please be on the lookout for that!



Hey y’all,

I’m obviously an over sharer of information, but I’ve been one my whole life, ha.  You can ask my mom…or Sarah.  So time to over share once again…

We are super pumped about a sort of senior makeover…the beginnings of those changes can be seen HERE and in the senior team info linked further down.  We really want to step up our senior portfolio.  Last Fall we were blessed to be able to go to an amazing conference, and we took a senior class while we were there.  The girl teaching the class had AMAZING ideas for her senior team.   She hosts parties and events for them…she is invested in their lives.  That is what we want.  We primarily want girls for our team.  We want to be there for them to talk to if they need that.  We want to be able to disciple them during a very vulnerable age of their life.  Of course, we want them to have fun and amazing photos, too.  If the senior team seems like a lot of work, it really isn’t.  They have fun…they share their pictures.  They get invited to awesome events, but they aren’t required to attend those.  And I assure you, WE will be working hard for THEM.  We have plans to take a beach trip this summer, and we had high hopes of how much fun it would be (with their parents permission) to take them with us and have senior photo shoots on the beach.  Last week when it snowed unheard of amounts, I was wishing so hard that our team was already complete so that I could go get these girls and give them an amazing photoshoot in this fabulous snow, like my kids got (pictures below).  Honesty time…we have had ONE applicant.  We wanted at least 5 to 10.  I’ve already ordered products for the senior swag bags that they all get.  :o If you know a high school junior from any surrounding area school, please direct them HERE to our senior information.  I’m telling you guys this program is going to be AMAZING if we can just get it kicked off.  We need your help though…the application deadline has been extended, but we really wanted to already be planning our fun senior team shoot exclusive only to the team members.   If it sounds like I’m begging, I may be a little, but I’ll do that if that is what it takes to get this program kicked off.  THAT is how much I want this to work out.  We are praying over this opportunity…praying that the Lord blesses it and helps us glorify Him through it.  Thanks for reading!


Meet Bonnie Blue Bell…our newest family member.  :)  We are going to offer minisessions with Bonnie Blue this Saturday, March 7th for children ages 6 months to 5 years old.  These will be indoor sessions.  We will have two setups available, and you may choose one setup to use.  One setup is the bed you see pictured below.  The other setup will include Bonnie Blue in a basket as pictured, but is not the background you see pictured below with a very nappy headed, Mr. Luke.  It WILL be a neutral backdrop though.  These will be individual minis only. Bonnie Blue is our family pet, so we don’t want to overwhelm and frighten her, too, much.  For example, if you have three small children you want to bring for minis, we will do individual shots with each of them, but no group/sibling shots for these.  These are NOT our regular Spring minis, so there will be an opportunity soon to have group/sibling shots made at a minisession then.  We are waiting on things to turn green for those.  :)  These will be 10 minute sessions, we will proof 5 to 10 images in an online gallery from which you can choose one digital file to get via email or dropbox, with the printing rights.  These are $50.  If you want a spot, email us at twicethefocus@hotmail.com.

And in case you want your own “Bonnie Blue” check out the Happy Hill Rabbitry facebook page.



I’m honestly not sure if I should post this because I may be overstepping some type of line on what I should share and what I should not share.  I’ve been feeling really discouraged lately about this business and this industry.  I’ve read a lot of comments recently about the cost of professional photography…comments from real people, not buzz feed articles, ha.  I’ve found it to be super discouraging, because I get this feeling that people think we are greedy or wow, they must be rolling in it.  Here is the truth though…We are not rich.  Not by a long shot.  We have REALLY been struggling the last two months.  And it is tough.  Sometimes the battle is with our own pride, but lately, it has been a financial battle.  So with all that said, we have been praying really hard for direction.  It is a not secret that we struggle to keep up with our lives and our business.  We both homeschool.  I have four kids at home.  Sarah now has three.  Life is crazy and tough sometimes. And we wonder, we seriously, seriously, wonder if this business is where God really wants us.  Wouldn’t we be able to better serve the Lord, and our kids, and our husbands, and our homes if we didn’t have this business?  Then the next day we meet some awesome, new family or photograph some sweet, new baby, and we push those thoughts away and roll on with this business that we really do love.  And this is our cycle of life.  Up and down and up and down and up and down.  My preacher recently preached on Psalm 5.  In short, what I took from it was his summary of the passage with, “Lord, hear me.  Lord, lead me.  Lord, protect me.”  And y’all, that is what I’ve been praying.  “Lord, hear my prayers of concern.  Lord, lead me where YOU want me to be.  Lord, protect me from the desires of my OWN heart and make me see past them to where YOU would have me to go.”   I know you are reading this and thinking, “TTF is about to shutdown…this is the announcement!”  No, it isn’t, ha.  With all the financial concern we’ve had lately, I’ve ran the numbers.  I’ve looked at our statements.  I’ve budgeted and figured out what we have to have to stay in business.  I almost blogged the numbers, but I thought I would try not to overstep my boundaries, too much.  But its a pretty good chunk for us to keep the doors open every month, and I’m not even talking about us getting paid.  I’m just talking about breaking even…getting the bills and taxes paid and staying legit.  Well, this morning, on next to the last day of the month, we were a few hundred shy of meeting that number…the breaking even number.  The we aren’t getting paid, but we are gonna break even number… and to top that off, satan attacked us today.  In the mail was an IRS audit verdict.  Something that was filed incorrectly in 2011 came back to bite us in the rear end, and we found out that we owe some dollars to them.  That came in the mail TODAY, and do you know when it is due?  Monday.  Yes, Monday.  But guess what else happened today?  I got a text this morning that due to some unforeseen circumstances, a wedding photographer had to back out of shooting a wedding and a replacement was needed at 3 p.m….today…TODAY.   So, I got to go shoot a small and lovely wedding this afternoon…and that met our needs.  I mean, something we were not counting on saved us from panic attacks and from the IRS.  And that right there, is what I hear the Lord saying to me today.  YOU, child, will NOT go hungry.  YOU, child, have to put your trust in ME.  I still don’t know if that means you need to trust me and know that if you shut this business down that I’m going to take care of your family, or you need to quit worrying so much and know that I’m not letting this business go under and will always meet the needs for it.  BUT, what I DO know is that our good and gracious God hears our prayers, and though we are completely, COMPLETELY, undeserving of it, HE cares! And I’m so, so, so thankful for that.  I just wanted to give Him the glory for today. 

Now I’m tired, and I have another wedding tomorrow.  I’m off to rest up for that, but I promise to answer messages and emails on Monday.  :)