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  • "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all
    that you need, you will abound in every good work."
    2 Corinthians 9:8

Here goes another over sharing, too honest post from one half of Twice The Focus…  And it is long and rambly (I like made up words).  Long and rambly is a good description for my honest posts.

Most of you know that at the end of May my main computer crashed..and I was without it for two months.  Just got it back, in fact.  I’ve never had a computer crash, not in 8 years in business.  May was INSANELY busy, and for the most part, Sarah was out that month.  I was shooting, traveling, rolling in late, and doing it again the next day…and I didn’t back up sessions (except for weddings)  like I should have. Lesson learned.   So, I find out that my computer can’t be fixed locally…it had to be sent in to a DATA RECOVERY CENTER.  Aren’t those every photographers most dreaded words??  It was heartbreaking and awful thinking I may have lost sessions…especially a few newborn sessions.  You just can’t get those back…babies are only that little for a tiny window of time.  To cut to the chase of that part of the story…they were recovered.  YAY!  Not so yay for the bill, but YAY for the recovery.  Do you guys remember reading the “Realities and Blessings” post back in February…if you didn’t you can here.  Summary of that post…something was filed incorrectly in 2011, and we were audited and penalized.  Funny thing about the IRS…they penalize you until they prove you are innocent.  They don’t prove it first and then make you pay…or at least not in our case.  Sooo, we sent them a lovely $1500 check in…which in all honesty is much better than it could have been.  Well, yesterday, I found a letter in my mailbox saying that they had finally had time to look over our amended information and it looks as if we shouldn’t have been penalized…so we are anticipating a check back for that.  YAY!  And you know what…that is the EXACT amount the data recovery bill was.  His grace…continues to amaze me.

Part two of this story of GRACE…

Y’all know its been 8..going on 9 years since we started this business.  Our oldest kids were barely over 1 when we started this.  CRAZY.  Just crazy.  A lot of you have heard the story of how we started, and many of you haven’t… but long story short, we both loved art and photography.  We were just growing in our friendship in the couple of years before we started this biz.  Sarah and I met because our hubby’s have been best friends forever…and we got married about the same time and were pregnant with our first kids at the same time.  Sarah took me on as a discipleship project…don’t let her say she didn’t because she did.  Well anyway, we found out we both loved art and photography, and I’m the granddaughter of Bo Knight and Donald Bryant, which won’t mean a thing to most of you, but let me just say, I’m ambitious and stubborn….to a fault at times.  So, I was like, “Hey, lets start a business!”  And Sarah was like, “Okaaaaay.”  So we did.  We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, although we thought we were great.  We learned and learned and learned..mostly technical things back then.  Little did we know what all else this business would teach us over the years.  But things have just fallen into place since then…in ways I can’t even understand at times.  We will never be millionaires, and He has continued to remind us that isn’t what this business is about.  This business has paved the way for us to be able to stay home and homeschool our kids and still be able to afford our groceries… which is ultimately the biggest thing He has called us to (homeschooling, that is, not groceries, ha).  It has also given us a platform to show our little fan base a bit about His love and mercy…and don’t get me wrong, we fail at that over and over and over again.  We fail to show it.  We fail to give it.  We just fail, a lot.  We’ve built some great relationships from this business.  There are clients I no longer even call clients…they’ve become friends.  CLOSE friends, too.  And we’ve messed up some relationships, too.  We’ve messed up a lot in this business.  We are moms…homeschooling moms…running 99% of our biz at home with our kids in the house moms…and wives, too.  And you know how that list goes…mom, wife, maid, cook, etc, etc.  Anyway…back to the train of thought I’m on tonight…  I think back about all the things I’ve messed up in this business…I’ve forgotten to upload galleries, I’ve forgotten to place orders, I’ve forgotten to mail things, I’ve thought I mailed them but I guess didn’t, ha, I’ve actually mailed things and had confirmed deliveries but they never arrived (that darn mailing business)… I’ve had bad sessions and off days and too much pride and an unbridled tongue.  Those last two things have caused me to say things I shouldn’t and probably trample a relationship or two in the process.  I’ve come to learn, I’m gonna mess up the rest of my life.  I’m human…and I need grace.  I need a lot of grace.  Grace is what I’ve learned most through what I’ve now coined “The great crash of 2015″.  Heck, its what I’ve learned most through the last decade of being a wife and mom and small business owner.  And for 99% of this great crash process, I’ve been abundantly blessed by the kindess and grace and integrity of really amazing people.  People who didn’t owe me any of that while they waited to find out if they’d ever see their pictures again, but they gave it freely.  I’ve even had a few clients tell me they were sorry that I was going through this, too.  Amazing!  This grace of theirs was given to me..it was freely given to me even though I had caused them worry and pain and distress by almost losing their files.  It is very much like the grace and love and mercy freely given to us by a Savior who we continually cause to grieve over us.  I’m most thankful for GRACE, and I most hope to practice, above all else, GRACE toward others.  If you made it this far you deserve a reward.  ;) Until the next long and rambly, honest post…

This girl…we love her!  She is just a precious person, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to have a fancy vow renewal in a few years and have her plan it!;) The details of this wedding were gorgeous!!

These two beauties…mercy!  We just love having them.  And as if these two aren’t cute enough, they have two of the most handsome, blue eyed brothers, too!  I just loved the whole session so I had to blog!


This was so much fun!  Charles was so ready….he had it all planned out.  He even weed-rated me a place in the bushes to hideout.  So it was on….we were down the hill under a tree….they drove up and the rest is history!  Thanks so much guys for letting us be involved in such an important event in your lives! Your gallery will be ready soon!Blog-Collage-1432647488847